Witness name & surname: Withheld

Sex: Male

The place about which he is testifying: Tehran

Witness status: Injured, witness to firing at people

Type of testimony before the Tribunal: Withheld 



It was one of the days of Aban 1398 (November 2019), but I don’t remember the day. Police officers kicked so much on my head that I lost 70% of hearing in my left ear. My temple received such a blow that my doctor said that I had almost lost my balance. I lost my memory for 3-4 hours. That’s why I have a halo of mystery as to what day it was. Normally I used to participate in demonstrations. But that’s how the participation in the November protests ended up for me. That is, it has disabled me in a certain way.


That day I went to the street. They said that there were demonstrations there. There was a huge force of motor bikers and vigilantes. They had Tasers and clubs. We started shouting slogans. When our slogans became more crushing, they attacked us and we ran away.


I ran back to home. I saw that our neighbours were standing at the door. As I started narrating the story, suddenly it became chaotic and they fired tear gas. We could no longer stand there. My throat began burning. Suddenly I saw that a pickup truck-load full of vigilantes descended upon the street.


They came down shouting “Haidar, Haidar” and started intimidating the people with their cudgels . They hit the people’s cars, windscreens and side-mirrors; they hit the asphalt with clubs. They charged at me. I told the neighbours to go in. They assailed on me and suddenly a club hit my head and suddenly my eyes blacked out. One of the neighbours threw a fire-extinguisher capsule towards them from above. I had fallen on the ground and they were horribly hitting on my head, face and teeth and badly injured me. They grabbed my windbreaker and dragged me towards their vehicle to haul me away. Then a 50- 60-year-old woman covered me and said: “Stop. Why are you hitting him? You killed him.”  Ultimately a number of young men came and attacked them. The vigilantes ran away. They took me home and bandaged my head. My mouth was full of blood. They had kicked my head so much that I lost 70% hearing in my left ear. Because of the blow inflicted on my temple, I had lost almost all my balance, the doctor said.


They wanted to take me to the doctor. They saw that a great force of thugs and vigilantes was standing in front of a hospital which is close to my house. Regretfully they couldn’t see the doctor. After a couple of days, I went to the house of my friend , believing it to be safe there. Now I have gone to a village and live there all alone. They came to my home several times but I was not there.