Tribunals often take years to organise, but we wanted to bring justice to the victims as soon as possible. Impartial investigations are not only vital to human rights, but they are the pillar on which they stand on. If  the international community is not willing to begin an investigation, we are the ones who must step up for the sake of justice.

By contributing to The Iran Atrocities Tribunal (the Aban Tribunal), you can help begin the process of justice for the thousands of innocent victims. The Tribunal will hear evidence from hundreds of families of victims, survivors of the atrocities and eyewitnesses who were privy to the brutal crackdown.

With your help, we can finally determine whether those who gave shooting orders and encouraged acts of violence have committed Crimes Against Humanity. The Tribunal will investigate the cases of high-profile officials of Iran who were involved in the atrocities, including the newly elected President, Ebrahim Raisi.

Though the panel of judges and counsel have lent their time to us on a pro bono basis, they still need to cover travel expenses. Not only that, but the costs of venues and technical facilities are high. The judgment of the Aban Tribunal will be served an unparallel tool to the movement for truth and justice in pursuing the case before the international and domestic courts as well as international human rights mechanisms.

We have thus come to a goal of £50,000 which would let the Tribunal go ahead as smoothly as possible.

Your contribution will not only be used to seek justice, but it will also create an historic record of the truth, something the Iranian people have been deprived from in decades.

Join the movement now.